I have been following "another bloody water" for a while now.  (has anyone seen these mates in the states yet?)  Beyond having a great name,  they also have great vehicle graphics, or is that vehicle lawn? I ran across images of their trucks.  Check this out.


Here is a little something something from their site.

It pretty much looks like what you expected from us: a pump in a shed.
Its not even a particularly head-turning pump either, we know that, but
it gets the job done and like your Mum has probably told you a million
times it's what on the inside that counts and what’s on the inside here
is pretty bloody exceptional.

The Aussie company claims to have unceremoniously barged
our way into the overcrowded bottled water market with a good-looking
bottle, a smartarse name and a devil may care attitude.  Check them out at:

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