This morning I was preparing for another LONG (22 hour) day.  As I was slathering on my MAC under eye concealer...(cause falling asleep on your key board leaves red marks on your eye)   Ralph Waldo Emerson popped into my head.

Don't be too timid and squeamish about your actions.  All life is an experiment.  The more experiments you make, the the better.

Which lead me to this thought for today...

Bottle rockets are a heady source of delight for many youngsters, for the same reason they're the source of angst for many parents - they're unpredictable.  As a creator and experience designer, there is no telling whether your site, widget or media launch will soar, implode or simply fizzle.  Scary, considering that now it's just our fingers on the line.

ON: A Moment of Thought via @jpenabickley