Here is a little something from the new brand vault. I was cathing up with the family in Texas and they have
discovered a new savory, non- carb drink called Go AppetítGo Appetít is set of  vegetable beverages are a new and delicious take on the pre-packaged
smoothie. Available in three flavors (Gazpacho, Mango Melange and Carrot
Bisque), the summer soups are made with premium fruits, vegetables, herbs and
spices. There's no artificial preservatives, colors or added sugar, which helps
keep each eight-ounce single serving bottle under 150 calories.

Created by two entrepreneurial single mothers who wanted better tasting and
better-for-you options for eating on-the-go, Go Appetít beverages were inspired
by the flavors, nutrition, vitamins and antioxidants of Mediterranean cuisine.

Dedicated to making a healthful liquid snacks, Go Appetít uses cutting edge
technology in place of preservatives for a natural nine-month shelf life and a
product that doesn't need to be refrigerated before opening.

Go Appetít
beverages are available at Whole Foods for about $3 each.  I love to see young brands flourish and evolve into consumer favorites.  Watch out big boys - this one has great package design, a rich story - good brand chops!

ON: Go Appetít via @jpenabickley