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Every monday I wake the week by inviting designers, creative makers and technologists from all over the world to voice what inspires them and what makes them cringe. This hour long serise is hosted LIVE from Spaceship Earth and streamed right here. Join is for a Magic Mondays:

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5 Things Archive | Past Talks

Joanna Peña-Bickley, Head of Research & Design, Alexa Devices
Date: 11.25.2019
Talk: Pioneering Women In Design

 Andrew Miller, Product Design Lead, Internet of Things
 Date: 11.11.2019
 Talk: Design The War Fighter

Date: 08.13.2018
1. The Empathic Civilization: The Race to Global Consciousness in a World in Crisis. 2. Redesigning Air Force One 3. enchanting experience design shout out: 4.Robot Food 5. Ikeas Glocal design.

Date: 3.21.2016

Joanna Peña Bickley, Head of Design, Internet of Things
Date: 01.20.2019
Talk: CES 2019 - The Internet of Everything

Date: 07.30.2018
1. Glass Enterprise Edition 2. HomeCourt 3. Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI) 4. General Magic impact on how we use technology today 5. The #DesignForDemocracy Challenge

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 Joanna routinely to speaks and keynotes at conferences, corporations, non-profits, educational and professional organizations. Her subject matter expertise is customized to meet the needs of each audience. 

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Talk: Making Magic with Ai

Ai is the tool of the modern magician. At the nascent stages of the another industrial and social revolution, magic + math, multiplied by design makes what is invariable hard — seem remarkably easy.

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Begin the week with a health dose of inspiration, exploration. #5Things is a springboard for creativity, invention and thinking big. Join the optimistic intersection of design, tech and modern life on spaceship earth. 

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