In an urban environment when you see and experience all flavors of parents, some ranging from absentee and aloof to those that are over indulgent and overbearing, it is nice to see parents that have found a balance in the day-to-day management of their children.

Our children, while complied of complex molecules and DNA that derive from our existence, are sponges that learn from our actions, reactions, comments and more importantly the inner workings of our own personas.

A child cannot learn to find balance from people who do not practice what they preach.

In my experience as a mother of four, I have found that if the kid is an asshole, I can guarantee that when you meet the parents – the parents are the assholes who made the asshole kid.

If by the time a person is five, and they do not have the big ten down, then the likelihood of an easy transition from five to adulthood is highly unlikely.  That’s why early childhood care from someone who is nurturing, understanding and patient is one of the keys to happier, healthier people. 

In some instances it DOES take a village, a town or even a community to identify at risk kids to help guide them to a balanced life.

We are human and our children are extensions of our humanity.

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