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Turning Every Ford
Tech Into A Genius 

Customer Pain Point
Customers feel uncertain when attempting to diagnose mechanical issues from in dash indicators. When they arrive at the service center, brand frustration grows with a lack of transparancy of diagnosis, price and time needed for repairs.

Technician Pain Points
Technicians are only as good as the data they have. e.g. telematics codes or mechanical failuers they have fixed before

Absent Data
Lack of access to past service records, weather and road conditions, aggregate repair patterns and technician tips pose as a barrier to getting the full picture of the health of a car.

Ford Service Tech2

Setting User Goals For The Product
Jane, a ford service technician, can diagnose a complex sensor or mechanical failure, get repair guidance from a community of techs and offer her customers transparency by being able to give real-time repair progress reports with one tap or voice command.

Selected Works

Amazon Echo & Alexa DevicesProduct Ecosystem Design

Citi BankProduct Design: Apple Watch App

General Motors OnStar GoProduct Ecosystem Design

The MatrixMobile Device & Voice Game Design

AWS IoT Things GraphEnterprise IoT Product Design

Earth SpeaksStrategy, Product + Conversation Design

Ford MobilityMobile & Internet of Things Design

Frontier CommunicationsBranding, Product Design, Advertising

Rémy MartinProduct Design, Mobile

Crypto JewsArt Exhibition

IBM iXBranding, Org & Product Design

H3Product Design, Mobile + Wearble Tech

Ford Service Tech Advisor AppMobile & Internet of Things Design

DusseBranding, Product Design, Advertising

Speaking Engagments


Joanna routinely to speaks and keynotes at conferences, corporations, non-profits, educational and professional organizations. Her subject matter expertise is customized to meet the needs of each audience. 

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TALK: Making Magic with Ai

Ai is the tool of the modern magician. At the nascent stages of the another industrial and social revolution, magic + math, multiplied by design makes what is invariable hard — seem remarkably easy.

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