Over the years I have spent way to much money on notebooks to capture last minute ideas, meeting notes, or action items for revised creative. (one might say i have a paper problem)   In all those years I never found that any notebook was made for a creative professional.  The I stumbled on to the Action Pad Mini was designed by the Behance Network team especially for business-minded creative professionals.

Each sheet of the Action Pad Mini contains action areas for important tasks, a note at the bottom to write down ideas, and a clean dot grid on the back for additional notes and sketches.

This notepad was designed so that you can get the most out of meetings and every day organizing. It is essential to stay organized if you want to make the most of your website, blog or business, and this custom tailored and reasonably priced Action Pad Mini will help you do just that.

I look forward to replacing all my boring spiral notebooks with these efficient notepads! I encourage you to check this out at

ON: The Action Mini Pad – A Creative Must Have via @jpenabickley