At 7:30pm on the 31st of March thousands of buildings along the Sydney skyline will be taking part in the annual Earth Hour event by switching off the lights for an hour.

The ambitious event, organized by Fairfax Media in collaboration with WWF Australia,
is a hoping to make a huge statement about global warming and how
simple the steps are to help prevent it. So far 600 businesses and
restaurants and tens of thousands of homes have signed up, including Nestle Australia, Coca-Cola, ANZ Banking Group Limited and St George Bank.

new campaign kicks off Sydney's 2007 objective of reducing greenhouse
emissions by 5%. As well as turning off lights, earth hour are urging
those involved to unplug any appliances that are not being used and
anything left on standby.

Although it is early days for Earth
Hour, the wider goal is to start up similar events around the globe,
moving the event to cities such as London and New York, with
possibility of one day staging a mass global turn off. Followed by a
mass global baby boom, no doubt.

The campaign is being promoted both online, print and on TV with a
beautifully shot commercial from Leo Burnett Sydney featuring a
voice-over from actress Cate Blanchett.

Earth Hour
are also relying of word-of-mouth, calling for those signed up to get
others involved. So if you’re home at 7:30, give it a go, turn
everything off and enjoy a nice candle lit dinner for once.   

ON:Earth Hour via @jpenabickley