See the  OQO-01, a full-featured PC
running Windows XP that is not much bigger than a pack of 3-by-5 index cards.
It's measured in ounces (14), not pounds. These read-only devices can do cursory work. The OQO comes with a
built-in keyboard that can be tapped by the thumbs.

Need to do more serious work, unpacks a full-size, foldable keyboard from
Think Outside that is scarcely bigger than the OQO when you packs it away. The
5.6-ounce keyboard connects with the OQO wirelessly with the Bluetooth

Imagine running through an airport without the back ache of a Laptop.

Many of the latest palmtops will run all the software needed to browse the
Web, exchange e-mail or even drive a projector to give a presentation. A Palm
TX ($299, 5.25 ounces), for instance, can let you handle most basic editing
chores with files created in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

These microsize versions can do many of the simple tasks of their bigger
cousins, but are limited by the size of the screen. The tiny processors, after all,
are as powerful as the desktop machines of a few years ago. The TX and
competitors from companies like Hewlett-Packard and Dell can do most of what a
traveler could want except, perhaps, play the most sophisticated games. The
thin slabs can even display low-resolution movies, albeit not from DVD disks.

For the techie geek in us all… now we can get blackberry elbow from all of
our new components.

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