They started with a brilliant ad and had a big pay off at the the website.  On www.night-driving.com
there's more than a brilliant video to discover. For example, there is
the "usual" call to action for user generated content. Nothing new you
would say, but I'm interested, since they've partnered with Yahoo!'s
platform Jumpcut in order to provide consumers with an easy (and
online) tool to create their videos.  The use video is clean, stark and fast all at the same time.

One really hot funtion was that they've opted for a par condicio, using Google Maps to present and allow
people to submit a series of great "night drives" around Europe.  Just fun with function.  going to go take my VW night ride now.

Experience it at http://www.night-driving.com/

ON: VW’s Night Driving via @jpenabickley