What ended up being a week of freakish events ended with a perfect prelude to take team Bickley to see what all the kiddies are talking about.  We dawned the 2 train to Brooklyn and caught the most comprehensive retrospective of Japanese artist Takashi Murakami's works. 


Sporting my comfy kicks we viewed more than ninety works in various media.  ©Murakami begins as a colorful parade of simple characters like Mr. DOB and ends with the collection of 727-727.  If you have not seen it - you must!  Ladies if you are looking to see the many REAL Louis Vuitton collectors bags there is no better place.


After Louis Vuitton's artistic director Marc Jacobs worked with punk
prince Stephen Sprouse to give the classic brand a shot of color and
chaos, Murakami was recruited in 2003 to bring his Asian Cute
sensibilities to the brand.  The resulting designs were incredibly popular.  My favorite is the white version of the above design with the jellyfish eyes.


It was no coincidence
that Louis Vuitton’s Japan and U.S. sales went up an incredible 20
percent in the third quarter of 2003 compared to the previous year. 


DOB meets chaos


The works expose an irresistible force of nature, one we cannot fully understand, but to whom we must bow never ceasing eye contact.


I so enjoyed the Milk and Cream works as the combination of mediums brought together a simple campaign. 

Check out © MURAKAMI  until mid July in Brooklyn @ the Brooklyn Museum

ON: © MURAKAMI via @jpenabickley