Apple, Green Grape, Purple Grape and Leaf are ripe for love and
ready to embrace their fan base with this new brand minisite. The site
offers introductions to the previously elusive characters, as well as
music videos and downloadable lyrics and MP3s. There is also a bonus
features section that shows humorous uncut video clips of the Fruit
Guys fighting against ninjas and dinosaurs.


Fruit of the Loom didn't skimp on the quality of the music either;
the music, I hate to say, is pretty good. They even managed to
incorporate a few hints at the brand into the song. The music videos
are like those of Coldplay and other indie bands and are definitely
something I could see featured on TRL's top ten.

The music videos are top-shelf production quality, as are the song arrangements. The site is also well-designed.  While there doesn't seem to be enormous viral distribution, the YouTube comments for blue were overwhelmingly positive.  (although that is typically because they are from people close to the campaign)

There are a few lost opportunities:  The URL fruitguyfans.com would indicate that you can go there and be a part of a fan community.  The only place you are able to do that is on YouTube as the site does not offer me any community features.  Nor do they give me the chance to take their brand to my community.

Check out the site at http://fruitguyfans.com/

ON: The Fruit Guy Site via @jpenabickley