Last night I was cleaning up my Facebook profile.  First I went through and cleaned up which groups I was subscribed to, then I added a few new friends who have begun following me via twitter.  While doing that I was catching up on my blog posts and toggling between tabs on my Firefox browser.  (I often toggle between Twitter, TypePad, Facebook and MySpace.) 

At about 10pm, I toggled back to my profile where I clicked to update my status and was kicked to the log in screen.  I attempted a log in and got this message.


So I read through the Help Center topics, then the Terms and Conditions - I could not seem to find what Facebook violation I committed to get my account deactivated without as much as an email or on screen warning. 

At 11:25 I sent this note.

From: Joanna Pena-Bickley <>
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 23:25:07 -0500
To: <>
Conversation: My Account
Subject: My Account

Facebook Help Center,
My account was disabled and I am not sure why.  My account email is jojobickley [at]

I have read through the Help Center questions and I cannot identify one reason that might apply to my participation on Facebook.  The last action that I completed was a search on friends that were on Facebook and I added new friends. 

Attached you will find the error message that I get when I attempt to log in to my facebook account.

How can I get it re-enabled?

Please feel free to call me with any questions at 646-436-8330 or email me at jojobickley [at]

Joanna Peña-Bickley

IM: ChiefEmagination | Skype: ArtistaPena


After a number or people attempted to email me through FB and noted that my profile was no longer available - they hit me on My twitter account with a few suggestions i.e. other email contacts at FB. 

The most suprising thing about this incident is that Facebook gave no warning and also has not given me a response to the four emails that I have sent to <>, <>, <>, <>.

Do you have suggetstions? Do you have a real person contact that can help me??? Is there an online way to get your account reactivated? If so I am all ears. Drop me a line at either (@jojobickley)  or leave a comment here!

I am perplexed by the deactivation and now pissed off that Facebook has no way for you to get in touch with a real person.  Wasn't the point of an "always on" business to keep some sort of customer service module so you could resolve issues 24/7?

UPDATE - Saturday, November 28, 2008:
Here is an email that I got from Facebook

To: <>
Subject: Re: My Account


The Facebook Team has received your inquiry. We should get back to you soon. In the meantime, we encourage you to review our Terms of Use ( for more information.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

The Facebook Team

Thanks to all of those tweets who have send me reccomendations!  Keep them coming to (@jojobickley)  or leave a comment here!

  • ***UPDATE - Thursday December 4, 2008: Day 7 and no word from Facebook.  Got a peronsal contact in their sales dept and have emailed them to seek out help.

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