Last week I hit a design roadblock and needed inspiration.  I started down the path in central park, nothing.  headed to MOMA, nothing.  went to a car dealership - nothing. Then to my favorite bookstore - aha.  Something.  Something so cool.  I found it - Design Matters! (yes it does)


If you are in the Marketing business - whether it's in graphic design,
brand management, brand planning, copywriting, or even in the world of
sales - you owe yourself to get your hands on this book, and add it to
your working library. You will find yourself going back to it over and
over again, either for inspiration or reference.  It is part cofee-table book, part textbook, part collection of case studies, Design Matters// LOGOS
is also a beautiful book: On top of being smart and informative, every
layout is eye-candy, which is a very nice touch.

ON: Design Matters // LOGOS via @jpenabickley