I was brainstorming on the subway ride home tonight when I stumbled on to the latest post on Colour Lovers.  The post highlighted that color can act as a universal language. (similar to mathematics)  Here is a taste.

"The basic functionality of a map is based exclusively on the ability of
the map to be correctly interpreted by, well, everyone, including
people who might be from out of town, who don’t speak the native
language, and have, in fact, never actually been to a city before. It
is also important that the map be clear, concise and properly relate to
the geography of the area. And since it is easier to tell if something
is red or blue, rather than a U or a V, using many pretty colors will
make it much easier to use, and, well, pretty."


Read the entire article at : Navigating by Color in Maps


ON: Color, The Universal Language of Navigation via @jpenabickley