Hear her roar... When this site launched all you could do is dream of what was behind the roaring sound. Christened with the alpha-numeric Ferrari handle, the F149 site was a great tease to the unveiling of an "affordable" Ferrari.


The it was unveiled.  F149's name was officially born.  Meet the California. Upon the full launch of the Ferrari California site we were given one of the first automotive sites that took sound and animation design to a new level.  from the fly-over of the engine to the infectious feel of the breeze in the animation this site has sold me on my next car when I trade in my convertible.


Many feared that Ferrari would dilute its brand.  At first I gave that great thought as well. After seeing the vehicle and the online campaign designed for the trend setter in all of us -  I think that this fine piece of machinery has been put within reach for the consumers who desire it.


I look forward to seeing when the "Feel" is launched. 

Check out the site at: http://www.ferraricalifornia.com/webapp

ON: Cruisin In California via @jpenabickley