Wrigley has launched a new sugar-free gum - “5”.  The name
references the five flavors of the gum, which produce cooling,
warming, and tingling sensations.  The broadcast spots and microsite offer
futuristic imagery that is meant to emulate these
sensations.   Wrigley continues to look at the media landscape with a deep understanding of what its consumer wants out of its brand building and product innovations.  What this site shows is that it does not arrogantly work in a vacuum with out the guidance of consumer input and sophistication of developing experiences that appeal to their psyche.

While this was a fun site there are a number of disconnects for me.  1.) the use of old world technology to pass along the 5 to friends.  2.) the lack of portable content.  It is obvious that they spent a penny on video and 3D production that cannot be embraced or worn as a brand badge. and 3.) It could have taken this Sci-Fi feel to a number of online communities where people could continue dialogging with 5.  These addition would have only costed a few more bucks.

Check out the site at http://www.5gum.com

Wrigley continues to invest in unique interactive experiences and it continues to pay off in lift in awareness and sales.

ON: 5 A Cool & Refreshing Approach To Gum via @jpenabickley