The Financial Times launched a branding campaign in the UK and US to coincide with the newspaper's redesign. Using the tag line "We Live in Financial Times," the campaign features three distinct images that represent globalization, mergers and acquisitions and entrepreneurship.


A series of different-sized sharks, the smaller being swallowed by the larger, represent mergers and acquisitions. World business is depicted with an island containing recognizable business buildings from all over the world.  Lastly, entrepreneurship shows the face of Richard Branson made to resemble the iconic picture of Che Guevara.  Each ad drives traffic to a microsite where users will be able to sample content on FT.com for free via a special PIN code promotion.


Visit the slick microsite that combines rich interaction with easy to read headlines and stories at http://www.weliveinfinancialtimes.com

ON: The Financial Time’s New Brand via @jpenabickley