Well done. (whoop whoop whoop)
As I navigated around I realized that no expense was spared
to produce the experience. The large, watercolor style visuals that
serve as backdrops are beautiful, as is the photography throughout the
site. The movies themselves are of such a high-production value they
could be segments from the Discovery Channel.  Equally
impressive is the architecture and hierarchy. The IAs must have had a blast working this one out. There is so much
information and content within the site, but it is all easy to find and
navigate through. The clean and simple art direction, of course, works
seamlessly with the site’s intended purpose.  The load times for the movies and images are quick.

As I explored the site I began to realize that my wish list for the site was short. The addition of a few playful interactivity
options would put this site in my top 20. On the opening scene, as the dandelion seeds blow
across the screen-- I wanted to mouse over them and push them around
through the air. I also feel some sort of audio effects, whether subtle
music or natural sounds to fit in with the scenery, might have been a
nice touch.

Syrup designed the GE Ecomagination site, shooting
video, recording Kevin Kline's voice, and traveling the world to create
the best, most-compelling site possible.

View the site at : http://ge.ecomagination.com/@v=010620070318@/site/index.html#home

N: GE’s Ecomagination Site via @jpenabickley