As most of you know, I am a avid Mac user.  I made the switch 4 years ago and keep my PC as a testing machine and doorstop.  That said, the one thing I had to give up when I made the switch was Cerulean Studio’s Trillian, which gave me the ability to IM with anyone with a MSN, AOL, iChat, ICQ and jabber.

Worry no more, I have been introduced to Adium the hyper equivalent for Mac users.  This sweet freeware can be downloaded at: http://www.adiumx.com/

Now I can connect to my colleagues with MSN, AOL, Yahoo, ICQ, .mac. Jabber, Lotus Same time, Google talk, Novell GroupWise and Yahoo Japan

Adium also has a broad swath of features that competitive IM clients do not have. 
Free skins, free icons, large sound library just to name a few.

I still have to use iChat for video chats, but Adiums other capabilities make it my primary IM client.

Mac users go to http://www.adiumx.com/ to download your copy.

Adium – A Must Have For Mac Users via @jpenabickley